It’s your job search. Take charge.

You’re educated, motivated and qualified. And you’re more than capable of making your own career choices. So, we’ll give you direct access to top special education jobs. And we’ll be here if you need any help. Otherwise, we’ll just step aside and watch you shine.

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Effortless. Transparent. Powerful.

As a skilled professional, you don’t need someone else to influence your next career move. You’re in control. Try Spindle for your next job search and you’ll find a process that easier and more empowering than anything you’ve experienced before.

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It’s all you.

With Spindle, you get access to some of the country’s very best education jobs and visibility to real pay rates. You apply for the ones you want. You set your interview availability. You run the show. Spindle is simply your resource to start or better your career. And it always revolves around you.

Top Jobs

We've got jobs across a variety of special education professions, but some school districts are especially motivated to find the right candidate ASAP. Here are some of the top in-demand jobs:

Top Locations

School districts in nearly all 50 states have jobs posted with Spindle, including remote opportunities where we can help you get credentialed across states. Here are some of the top job markets hiring today:

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Employers, Your job opening is an opportunity for you.

If you have open special education jobs–speech pathologist jobs, school psychologist jobs, occupational therapy jobs—we have an opportunity for you. An opportunity to connect directly with the country’s most highly qualified education professionals. An opportunity to make a hire that could better your school, your district and your community. And an opportunity to do it more efficiently than ever before. This is not school staffing as usual. Welcome to Spindle.